VITASHIELD 48EC is organo-phosphorous non-systemic insecticide effective by contact, ingestion and vapour action against a wide range of insect pests on all major agricultural and horicultural crops, maize, cereals, beet, and other crops.

Mode of action:
Broad spectrum insecticide with vapour action

Formulation types: EC, Granular

Other brands: AGRO-PYRIFOS 48EC, VITABAN 48 EC


Active ingredient: 480 grams/litre Chlorpyrifos


Crop Pest Dose (ml/20 L water) 
Cotton Aphids, Bugs, Leafworms, Bollworms, Cotton stainer, Whiteflies, Thrips and Spider mites 50~65 ml
Ornamentals Aphids, Scale insects, Leaf miners, Whiteflies, Thrips, Cutworms, Caterpillars, Mealybugs and Spider mites 20~30 ml
Soybeans, Groundnut Aphids. Caterpillars, Loppers. Stink bug, Thrips and bean leaf beetle 30~50 ml
Tobacco Aphids, Tobacco budworm, Tobacco horn worm 50~65 ml
Vegetables Aphids, Leaf hoppers, Spider mites, Beetles, Stalkborers, Armyworm, Moths, Leaf miners, Thrips, Wireworms, Cutworms, Mattots, Cabbage worm and Whiteflies 30~60 ml
Pineapples Mealybugs, Ant 40~60 ml
Potatoes Aphids and Colorado beetle 30~50 ml
Tomatoes Aphids, Bollworms, Thrips, Spider mites 50~65 ml


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