VIZAC inhibits egg production of ticks and controls biting and nuisance flies.

For the control of Ticks, Lice, Mange, Flies and other Biting & Nuisance Flies on your Livestock. Emulsifiable Concentrate.

Animal Health

Active ingredient: 50 grams/litre Alphacypermethrin

Application Rate:
By Knapsack Spraying, Spray Race and Dipping for Tsetse flies, Ticks, Lice, Flies and nuisance flies.

Animals Dosage
Cattle, Camels, Goats, Dogs and Pigs 20 ml / 20 Litres
Sheep for Wool  
(0-4 months) 20 ml / 20 Litres
(4-6 months) 30 ml / 20 Litres
(6-10 months) 40 ml / 20 Litres
Sheep for Lambs  
(0-4 months) 10 ml / 20 Litres
(4-6 months) 20 ml / 20 Litres
(6-10 months) 40 ml / 20 Litres


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