AGRO-2,4-D AMINE is a selective hormone-type phenoxy herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds in cereals, maize, sugar cane, tree crops, grassland and pastures.

Mode of action: Selective herbicide

Other brands: HERBIT 720


Active ingredient: 864 grams/litre 2,4-D Amine

Crop Application and Usage Dose (ml/20 L water) 

(Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats and Teff)

Use 100~400 litres of water/ha to obtain adequate spray coverage of weeds.
Apply from 3~6 leaf stage onwards until the first node is detectable (jointing stage) however not after piping stage.
When controlling Thistles weed, delay spraying until thistles are 15~20 cm tall.
50~90 ml
(1~1.75 L/ha)
Maize, Sorghum Pre-emergence
Use 100~300 liters of water/ha and spray 3~5 days after planting.
Use 100~400 liters of water/ha when plants are 15~30 cm tall and have 4~6 leaves.
Apply as direct spray when crops is over 30 cm tall but not later than flowering.
65~130 ml
(1~2 L/ha)
Sugarcane Apply in about 100~400 liters of water per ha as pre or post-emergence spray to planted or ratoon cane.
Directed sprays should be used when the cane is beyond the 5-leaf stage.
75~200 ml
(1.5~4 L/ha)


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